Are Australian Organisations Nurturing Cultures of Innovation?


International research from KPMG shows that the most successful companies have developed cultures where innovation is seen as everyone’s responsibility rather than a top-down process. Successful companies appear to innovate profitably and repeatedly, as if it was ingrained into the way they operate.

We were keen to gain an understanding of how closely this applies to Australian organisations by surveying senior Human Resource/ Learning and Development professionals from a cross-section of industries and public sector organisations around the country.

The Questions We Asked
1. Have you specifically addressed innovation as part of your development program? If so, how have you measured the success achieved by these programs?
2. What challenges do you perceive in preparing your people to embrace change and innovate?

Summary of Results

Have You Specifically Addressed Innovation?

  • 42% - Yes
  • 27% - No
  • 31% - In the Pipeline

Main Measurements of Success

  • 40% - Innovative ideas & efficiencies
  • 33% - Employee feedback
  • 27% - ROI & Value to the business

Main Challenges to Change and Innovation?

  • 29% - Resistance to change
  • 26% - Upper management support
  • 21% - Integration into the business
  • 18% - People capability
  • 6% - Employee motivation

The detailed findings behind these topline numbers are fascinating. Read more by downloading our Insights Report below.


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