Since organisations in the top tier of financial performance have more women in leadership roles, why does gender inequality still exist in leadership?

After reading the research undertaken by DDI Worldwide regarding diversity and gender inequality I was very keen to learn more about why this underrepresentation exists. Therefore I decided, with one of our directors, to sponsor the American Chamber of Commerce Women in Leadership Executive Tutorial to learn more about gender inequality in leadership.

Our leadership and management trainer and guru Steve Fearns - in the top 3 finalists of "NSW Trainer of the Year" category - Awards by DEC in June 2014! We at BSI Learning are so proud!

We posed a seemingly simple question on a number of LinkedIn communities – describe in one word what makes an effective leader. Clearly a hot topic, it received over 1400 responses, each as varied and valid as the next. Interestingly, a mere five words accounted for almost 35% of responses!

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