5 strengths a leader must develop in their team

The role of a leader is to create a team that generates results, a high performing team. Whether you’re a sales manager with increased annual targets or you’re an IT manager and your team need to improve the service they provide to your internal clients, members of a high performing team, according to the High Performance Mindset at Work program, need to possess the following 5 behavioural strengths:

On 26 February 2015, BSI Learning will deliver their first High Performance Mindset at Work course and will change the way leadership training will be delivered in Australia. Training has traditionally focused on developing a person’s skill set so they are competent to undertake their tasks at work. Over the last half a century, psychology has been increasingly used to understand personality traits and recognizing natural behavioural styles to help leaders and teams work more effectively with each other. The game changing approach, resulting from research undertaken by the Bernard Group, is to enhance a person’s performance by developing their mindset.


The mindset of leaders in an organisation will determine their performance and success more than their skill set, according to research undertaken by Professor Michael E. Bernard, of The Bernard Group. The best illustration of these findings is the work BSI Learning has been conducting with prisoners in Northern Queensland to put an end to recidivism. BSI Learning has not only been developing the skills of prisoners to make them employable, but to provide them with the skills and support to change their life on the outside. Their framework, which has been in place and successfully working since the mid 2000’s supports the research findings of The Bernard Group regarding the high performance mindset.

Mindset vs Skillset

BSI Learning is kicking off its 2015 Food for Thought lunch series on Wednesday 4 February 2015 at 12 noon at BSI Networking Room, Level 7, 14 Martin Place, Sydney.  HR/L&D and OD Professionals are invited to join us as we launch the “High Performance Mindset at Work Program” into our artillery of programs with a delicious lunch and a thought provoking presentation by mindset development expert, Professor Michael Bernard. Professor Bernard has pioneered this groundbreaking research-based program, designed to revolutionise the learning industry.

Our leadership and management trainer and guru Steve Fearns - in the top 3 finalists of "NSW Trainer of the Year" category - Awards by DEC in June 2014! We at BSI Learning are so proud!

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