Online Diagnostic Tools

These include over 60 on line Diagnostic instruments which can be viewed at 

Every diagnostic instrument on the site can be completed by individuals to help him or her to discover more about their own behaviour, style, or competence. Every competency based diagnostic instrument on the site can also be completed as a full 360-degree profile.  Each profile comes with extensive interpretive notes to help individuals to understand their relative scores and to help think about where they might like to apply their future effort in action terms. A detailed output report is also available for each profile, which often includes coaching tips, helpful training courses and further reading suggestions.

Samples of the reports available are: 

  • Climate Survey
  • Negotiating Style
  • Coaching effectiveness
  • Organisational Opinion Survey
  • Conflict Style
  • Organisational Safety Survey
  • Customer Service Commitment 
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Situational Leader
  • Leadership effectiveness
  • Values indicator
  • Management effectiveness
  • Total View Report
  • Psychological Type Indicator
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